Robyn Dunstan

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Robyn has a knack for being on hand just when you need her – whether it’s a fresh pair of eyes to edit your work, a new perspective on a problem, a letter posted, or you’re just desperate for a coffee! A former world championship netballer, Robyn brings the spirit of a team player to the heart of BPS Recovery.

Joining the team for a three-week temporary stint in March 2012, Robyn impressed us so much that five years later, she’s a part of the furniture. Now our BDM Manager, Robyn works hard to help out the staff members and to keep the office administration running smoothly. She’s got a sixth sense for when a member of the team is overloaded, and will do what she can to make their life easier.

Robyn understands that there are myriad ways to look at any given problem, and she enjoys solving issues by finding a fresh perspective. She’ll offer her view and work cooperatively with the team to find new and improved ways of working. Robyn’s also proactive about being tech-savvy – she enjoys learning new skills to help the office run more efficiently.

Robyn is motivated by reaching goals and, like a true former architect, is motivated by the sense of achievement you get from making something tangible. She brings to the team attention to detail, good foresight, and an ability to get on with everyone.

Outside the office, Robyn can be found on the netball court, hanging out with her family and her children, or with her head in an architecture book.