Nicolle Greentree

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In more than 24 years in insolvency, Nicolle has been involved in over 500 administrations for both major and boutique firms. Nicolle is a specialist in bankruptcies and court liquidations, a multitasking pro who works with all interested parties to achieve great outcomes. She enjoys putting plans in place and managing administrations to maximise returns to creditors, whilst managing the compliance aspects of each case.

Known for being a straight talker, Nicolle is skilled at getting to the heart of the matter quickly. She’s able to work with anyone and adapt to their needs – whether that’s managing the complex and changing demands of a case, attending to litigation and examinations or heading to a client’s house for a meeting. Above all, Nicolle loves having the opportunity to give people a fresh start. As the overall process of administrating bankruptcy may take years, Nicolle finds satisfaction in working with clients throughout the whole journey, ensuring that they make the best of a fresh start.

Nicolle is driven by goals, results and timelines – she’s never one to miss a deadline! Managing policies and procedures in the office, Nicolle performs supervision and training, and is always working to create better team environments. Nicolle also enjoys marketing and client catch ups and is the regular Easter Bunny for the firm’s clients (so it’s best to stay in her good books!

Outside of the office, Nicolle is super mum to her busy family, travelling for her children’s sport and managing a large Facebook group for sharing recipes.


  • Bachelor of Commerce in Accounting.