Maureen Dwyer

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Joining BPS in April 2015, Maureen brings a portfolio of high-profile cases, gained in a mix of major companies and boutique firms. She’s got it all covered – from start to finish – through her background in bankruptcy, she has worked across the various aspects of cases, including investments, tracking assets, realising property and conducting investigations.

Never one to shy away from a challenge, Maureen enjoys getting to the bottom of complex matters. She’s able to grasp problems from a range of perspectives and work proactively to resolve issues. Maureen is always searching for better ways of working, striving for organisational and administrative efficiencies.

At heart, Maureen is always looking after others – demonstrated in her UK career as a carer for elderly people and those with special needs, or in her current role, managing clients and ensuring each party achieves the best outcome possible. She understands that people truly appreciate when someone goes out of their way to help – and that’s what Maureen does best. As a real ‘people person’, she’s great at navigating any communication difficulties and making everyone feel comfortable.

When not bringing sunshine and warmth to the office, Maureen can be found spending time with family, working productively at creative, hands-on projects, and finessing her skills as master creator of elaborate cakes.