Casey Byrne

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As a senior accountant in BPS Recovery’s bankruptcy team, Casey is responsible for directing, managing and overseeing all aspects of bankruptcy appointments. In addition, she liaises with bankrupt parties to undertake investigations, and manages the processing of all relevant files.

Without a doubt, Casey is a hard worker: she’s currently balancing her full-time role at BPS Recovery with tertiary study in accounting. Although still studying, Casey already has more than three years’ experience across both personal and corporate insolvency and has progressed rapidly to a senior position. During this time, her eagerness to learn and grow has seen Casey quickly gain the skills to excel in her role.

The core of Casey’s success as a bankruptcy accountant come from her ability to build solid and successful relationships. Known for her genuine interest in learning about others, Casey gets along easily with her colleagues and clients. She makes clients feel at ease, and helps them to work methodically through the insolvency process. Her favourite part of the job is giving her clients hope, and helping them envision positive outcomes for their future.

When she’s not in the office or busy acing her university exams, Casey loves to relax and spend time with friends. A lover of classical music, she’s into anything orchestral!


  • Currently completing: Bachelor of Business, Accounting and Business Law at UTS